Sesshin with Michel Genko Roshi

from Friday, April 26, 6pm to Wednesday, Mai 1, 2pm

Château de Fauguernon

Sesshin means “to touch the heart”—”to touch one’s heart”—to practice zazen, to be practiced by zazen. While touching the heart, we discover there is no void to fill, there is nothing missing – everything is already here. Sesshin is an invitation to restore within us the joy of this very life and to let it unfold throughout our entire existence.

The silent retreat will begin each day at 7.30am and will include periods of meditation, teachings (teishô), a talk with the teacher and periods of mindfulness work (samu).

Fee : 260€ (+annual membership 20€)

In case of financial difficulties, please feel free to contact us at this address or call us